My SHTF and Home Defense Gun Page

For any SHTF or Home Defense condition, some form of weapon is needed. In any SHTF condition, you can not count on the Police helping you, as they will be completely overloaded. The same goes for Home Defense, but just slightly less.

Some sort of pistol is needed, and a compact rifle or shotgun should be considered. I myself, use a 9mm Semi-auto pistol, a custom M1 Carbine pistol, and a regular M1 Carbine. This gives me a 9mm Pistol to carry, a very short 30 cal Pistol for any close in use, and the regular 30 cal Carbine for any other needs. This is done with only the 2 caliber, 9mm and 30 Carbine ammo, which are fairly small, and light weight in case I need to go any distance on foot.

I keep a supply of FMJ ammo for the range and SHTF, and Hollow Points & Soft Points for defense use. I have several ammo cans that I have each marked and filled with both 9mm and 30 Carbine FMJ and Defense ammo to take care of any long term needs.

Make sure to go to the range on a regular basis to insure you and your weapons are up to the task.

More than needed for a weekend outing, but eveything meeded for all Home and Personel Defense weapons for a extended time period.

To keep things simple, I decided at the start, that I would limit my guns to only 2 calibers, 9mm and 30 Carbine.

I keep a good supply of ammo for each, in 3 groups.

1. Top of the line, max expanding Hollow Points for Self Defense/Home Defense. 500 rounds

2. Low cost bonded Soft Points that are more for a SHTF condition. These are low cost, but effective for defense purposes. 1,000 rounds

3. FMJ for target shooting, and SHTF Defense. Not intended for Carry Ammo, but fine for large scale defense use. (same as the Military uses) 1,000 rounds

I also keep 2 separate ammo cans filled with gun cleaning supplies, and spare parts and tools. This will keep me in the fight as long as needed, plus have everythng needed for gun maintenance and repairs for a very long tme.

With proper preparation, you can be prepared to defend your home and family from most any type threat. Below is my quick reaction gear, that has everything I would need for a short duration encounter in, or around my location.

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