Real Gun Control

I fully Support Gun Control, but not the traditional Gun Control that the Democrats are pushing. Theirs puts all of the burden on Innocent Gun Owners, and None on Criminals.

The things that the Democrats are pushing, have NO effect on Criminals. Most either buy there guns off the street, or steal them.

1. "Any Crime Committed With A Gun", charged in Federal Court,
   with a Mandatory Minimum. (No Early Release)
   Make it the Law, just like Robbing a Bank.(Federal Charges)
   Any Felon caught With a Gun, charged in Federal System, with
   a Manditory Minimum time of at least 20 years. In the Federal
   System, they Must Serve at least 85% of the sentence.    

2. Anyone with a gun, leaving it unsecured so a child gets it, and kills another
   with it, mandatory Federal charges. This should apply to the people
   leaving a unsecured gun in a Unsecured Vehicle also. 

3. Anyone on the No Fly List, banned from purchasing a gun, or carrying 
   one. Along with this, a decent review method of the list.

4. All Gun Store need to be secured better. Pawn Shops have much better security.
     (Most Criminals Steal the guns, or buy them off the street.) 

5. Improve the Background Check System, to better check for Criminals and those 
    with Mental Problems.

6. Revamp our mental health system, where real problems are earmarked 
   for action, and crap like was on the prior list are not counted. Many
   that have major mental problems, allowed to self medicate, and walk 
   Note: There were people that had sought help with stopping smoking, 
   and was refereed to a shrink, and a hypnosis. He was treated, and 
   added to the SS list. Banned from buying a gun, because he wanted 
   to stop smoking...

7. Mandatory training for any hand gun permit or purchase.

8. Carry License to be handled the same as Driver License, valid in 
   all States.
9. Ban any gun magazine, that holds more ammo than the magazine that came 
   with the gun when manufactured.
10. Pass Red Flag Laws. These would allow officers to temporarily take
    guns away from someone who is a threat to themselves or someone
    else. These must have some form of manditory review in place that
    requires a hearing within a designated time frame,(sample: 30 days)
    to validate the claims, and return the gun if threat not validated. 
     The reason there is so much objection to this, is any of the Red Flag 
     laws in place so far, are written so loosely, there is no safeguards 
     written in to guarantee a timely resolution to the accusations, holding 
     the accusers liable for false claims.

     If a neighbor wishes to cause you a major problem, he would simply say 
     something like, "He points his gun at us when we are in the yard. If 
     deemed action is needed, take weapons, require a hearing within 30 days, 
     and require the agency initating the Red Flag Action to show proof to a 
     Judge, there was a threat.  Threat not proven, accuser covers legal cost, 
     and gun instantly returned.
     "This would protect the community from lunatics, and Legal Gun Owners from
     false accusations." 
     Pit Falls of Red Flag Laws. What could possibly go wrong?
Make it Real Gun Control, not just something for a certain gun, or something 
that will have no impact on Criminals. 

This is not a Democrat or Republican proposal, but from someone that wishes 
to prevent innocent people from being shot, while not disarming innocent 
legal gun owners

These were just put together for candidates of real Gun Control. 
Some would be very easy, while others may require a tweaking of the 
present laws, but that would actually require someone get off the golf 
course, and do there jobs.

On it costing for Mental Health, I think it may be easier and cheaper 
up front, and less killed,  rather than at the other end with Prison 
time. We will pay either way.

 Real Gun Control possibilities...

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