Extar Exp 5.56 Mk2 Pistol

This is the Ultra Light Weight Extar Exp Mk2

EXP-556 Pistol Mk 2 Model: EXP-556 Pistol Mk 2 Type: Semi Automatic Gas Operated Pistol Caliber: 5.56 mm Magazine: Accepts any standard AR-15 magazine Comes with a 30 rd magazine Weight (unloaded): 3 lbs 3 oz Overall Length: 18 inches (45.72 cm) Barrel Length (including muzzle device): 9.25? (23.50 cm) Barrel Length: 8.25 in (20.96 cm) Barrel Specs: 1:9 standard twist 1/2-28 threaded, with included recoil reducing device Sights: Fixed ghost ring sights with a sight radius of 12.38? (31.43 cm) Other Specifications and Features of the EXP-556 Pistol Mk 2: Lightest 5.56 mm production pistol in the world Compact design with no buffer tube Ergonomic pistol grip Extended, integrated MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail for easy mounting of optics and accessories Vertical Picatinny Rail in rear (for mounting stock or pistol brace) QD sling mount socket built into rear Extremely low recoil can be held and shot with one hand with virtually no muzzle climb Crisp trigger pull of 5.5 lbs Integrated winter trigger guard Comes standard with anti-slip free floating hand guard and recoil reducing muzzle device The EXP-556 Pistol Mk 2 is proudly MADE IN THE USA by hard working American men and women and comes with a one year factory warranty against manufacturer defects.

If you want to add a Brace to your Extar, this is a Great Choice.
Shockwave has several to chose from, both Fixed, and Folding.

The Brace Folded (Changed color for details)

The Folded View of the Brace Kit

Rear of Brace Folded

This is the Charging Handle needed with the Brace Folded.



This is the Complete Brace Kit.


If you are one that wants a perfect trigger, or wants a traditional one, rather than light weight polymer, here are some to chose from.


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We have a Extar Exp Users Group on Facebook if you are interested.
Extar Exp 5.56 Pistol Group

There are several ways to carry one of these while traveling, or just going to the Range.

I do not wish to draw attention to myself while carrying, especially with any of the so called Assault Type weapons. The Extar Exp will fit inside most medium size back packs. I modified a Wilson Tennis Racket cover to carry my modified Carbine Pistol. I added a sheet of plastic between the 2 layers of the back, and added straps to it to secure the carbine inside. It is easy too carry, and my neighbors think I am into fitness, going to play Tennis a few times each weekl. :)

I will fix one up for my Extar in the Fall, when I get it.

Harbor Freight has several nice hard cases for items that you want to protect. I use there model 3800 for a couple hand guns, ammo, etc. These are very well built.

The below one is bigger, and the Extar Exp will fit, along with several magazines, and other accessories. These meet Air Travel laws for sending you guns on a commercial aircraft

Harbor Frieght has Sales regulary, Coupons, and 20% Off Coupons.

This is the Apachy case I have for my tradional hand guns.
I Love It.


Check out this video review by Guns.com:

A Review of the Extar Exp MK2

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